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Ask The Expert – Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers

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Ask the expert – our potential customers often email or call to ask advice on pest control matters. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pest control problems we receive.

Frequently asked questions.I live in Hyde, Tameside and have recently noticed swarms of wasps around the facia boards of the roof, is this a potential problem?


AAs you would expect wasps are more active in the Summer months and roof spaces are a favourite nesting place for them. Obviously wasps can be a danger, especially in great numbers, so you probably need some professional advice and treatment. Pest Control Glossop carry out wasp and wasp nest treatment in all areas of Tameside including Hyde, so we would be pleased to help you with the problem.

Frequently asked questions.I have heard scurrying noises in my attic. I have looked in the attic but couldn’t see anything. My house is in row of terraced with no party wall in the roof space. Do you think they are rats?

AThey could very well be rats but there is also the possibility that they may be bats (which are a protected species), mice, squirrels or even birds.These are the main pests that we get in roof spaces. Pest Control Glossop offer a service for roof space noise investigation in Tameside and all surrounding areas and we can be with you within the hour.

Frequently asked questions.Do you work in other areas, apart from Glossop. I have a property I rent out in Royton, Oldham and my tenants have noticed what they think are mouse droppings in the kitchen cupboards. Could you help?

AMouse dirt is about the size of a grain of rice, while rat dirt is substantially bigger. If this is what you are finding then they are sure signs that you have got a rat or mice infestation. Pest Control Glossop would put down poison bait to eliminate the problem and also try to find out where the rats or mice have been gaining entry to your property. The poison can take between 4 and 10 days to work, so there is no quick solution. We always do a re-visit after 2 weeks to check on progress. After the 2 weeks, the rat or mice infestation is normally eliminated. To answer your question, yes we do carry out pest control in the Oldham and also the nearby Saddleworth areas.

Frequently asked questions.I live in the countryside in Saddleworth and have recently noticed a large colony of ants in my garden. They appear to be coming out from under paving flags and wondered if they are liable to come into my home. 

AWorker ants are sent out to forage for food at this time of year and this is the best time to start treatment which can take up to three weeks to work. As you mentioned the ants do favour nesting in the garden, especially under paving stones. Sometimes they will nest in the wall cavity of a property. Ants can prove to be a problem to get rid of. Pest Control Glossop mostly use bait these days and can treat the colony either inside and outside the house. Usually treatment may take up to three weeks and normally takes two visits to bring an infestation under control.

Frequently asked questions.I think I have fleas in the house. I have no cat or dog, so I do not know how they have got here. Your help would be much appreciated as this has really got me baffled.

A Do not worry, Pest Control Glossop can help sort out your flea problem.  You may have picked them up from a pet owned by somebody else or perhaps from somewhere else you have been. Most fleas are from cats, if you have been bitten it will show as an itchy bump usually around the ankles.  We can treat rooms by applying a residual insecticide which kills the adults fleas in around 20 minutes. Unfortunately, eggs that have been laid in carpets and bedding can take up to two weeks to hatch, so we request that you do not vacuum or mop for 3 weeks to give the insecticide time to work. Vibration, i.e. you walking about and temperature cause the fleas to hatch. Please note – we do not treat void properties.  

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